About Me

My name is Xavier, I was Born in Quito Ecuador .
Since I was very Young I´ve had a love of Sports, I was really into fitness.  I created my own fitness studio, together with a good friend in Ecuador.  After exploring and experiencing the world of fitness for a few years,  I had an inner calling and suddenly I was more interested in what happens internally in my body, like the breath, circulation, heart beat. All those functions that the intelligence of our body controls.

Then Yoga came into my life (2010) and I fell in love ! 

I saw the opportunity to do the thing that I love and at the same time helping others to get more in touch with themselves. 

 I received my first Yoga teacher training in Ingolstadt-Germany 2014 (200-Hr RYT), and my second in Quito-Ecuador 2017 (200-Hr Yoga & Biomechanics) Since then (2014), I have been teaching yoga, and keep on learning.

Normally my base is in Germany but I love to travel around sharing this beautiful  knowledge to who is open and ready to receive it. 

Courses: SUP-Yoga and Events

More About me: www.kuyayyoga.com