My name is Marianela. I am Canadian -Ecuadorian living in Nuernberg Germany, I have been teaching yoga since 2014 but practicing Yoga since 1999, since my travels to South India. I have been teaching SUP Yoga since 2018 at Roth See with Supriders and with other Sup Associations. This summer 2022. I have been invited to teach SUP Yoga at the Sound-and See- Yoga festival in Bayern Germany.

How did I fall in love with teaching Yoga on a Stand Up Paddle Board? It was immediately after I took a Paddle Fit intense course with a friend of mine and a month later I took my first Sup Yoga class at Arenita Sup in Ingolstadt. I really enjoyed being on water but mostly connecting the breath and movement while maintaining balance on the stand up paddle surrounded by Mother Nature, especially during sunset time.

I have been certified since 2014 by Yogaworks® 200 Yoga Instructor Classic Pilates 2019 by Pilates Academy® and a Certified Fitness Group Trainer and Professional Dancer the last 25 years.

My teaching focuses on creating a peaceful and playful practice. I invite students to join me on the water, under the open sky, feeling the radiant sunshine connecting to the natural world that brings a sense of freedom, tranquility, challenging fun Yoga poses on the board which creates courage and strength. But at the same time balancing one’s self on water with a Stand Up Paddle Board. I also invite students who have had paddle and sup yoga experience to try Sup Fitness & Sup Pilates for an athletic approach.

Focusing on the breath and awareness of your movements are key to maintaining balance on the board. The focus and ease come with time as you practice and will help to develop mindfulness.

Most importantly, it is meant to be lots of fun and an opportunity to believe in yourself, challenge your limits, and rise above your fears.